Framing the Dialogue


If you like action/adventure novels Ted Bell is one of my favorite writers.  If you have already read Bell’s other adventures of Sir Alex Hawke, you will really love this one.  In my opinion Tsar was by far the best of Ted Bell’s novels.  It was very difficult to put down…literally.

I was so entranced with the story of Hawke trying to save the world from a resurgent and brutal Russia that I almost skipped July 3 fireworks.  Our town actually had their fireworks on Friday night.  I was tempted to stay home and finish the book, but I had promised the family that I would go with them.  I did finish when I got home that night.  

As usual, Mr. Bell infuses current events and global conflict into his stories.  There does seem to be a resurgence in Russia; a certain pride in all things Russian.  If you combine that with Russia’s vast natural resources and their hand on the switch that supplies a great deal of energy to Western Europe, this story may not be that far fetched.

This is a great and entertaining book.  I cannot think of a better time to relax and read this thriller.  There is plenty of action and Bell even slipped a little more romance in than I remember from his earlier books.  Pick up a copy and you will not be sorry.

I do believe that Mr. Bell has a little twist in mind from the end of the book.  My guess is that something my pop up in his next book to surprise us.  I cannot wait.

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