Framing the Dialogue

Truly Dead

Truly Dead is the fourth in the Elise Sandburg mystery series.  Elise and her partner, David Gould, were fired from the Savannah, Georgia Police Department and started their own consulting/investigative partnership.  They have achieved some national fame as they helped solve a case in Chicago.  When they return home, however, a grisly find at a house reconstruction project pull them back into the dark underworld of Savannah.  Elise reluctantly joins the police to find a killer, one who was supposed to have died many years ago.  Participating in this investigation puts all of her family at risk and makes her start to face the demons in her past.

I only “discovered” Anne Frasier’s novels recently and they have fast become some of my favorite murder mysteries.  Truly Dead did not disappoint and I look forward to her next novel.

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