Framing the Dialogue

True Fiction

“He’d dreamed up a terrorist plot to kill hundreds of people as a hypothetical scenario for the CIA so they could prevent it from ever happening. Instead the CIA used his idea to attack their own country for some twisted reason he couldn’t imagine. Or maybe he could, given enough time. He was a writer and imagining was his job.  But time was something he didn’t have . . . because the CIA was out to kill him.”

Imagine an organization created to protect you…not just as a shield, but by all means prevent harm from even starting.  This organization given trillions of dollars and untold autonomy, perhaps even infringing on our freedoms.  Imagine again that some in the organization get tired of what few constraints are placed on them and decide to push for full control.  In Lee Goldberg’s True Fiction rogue elements decide to create a scenario whereby weak politicians would gladly hand over the reigns when disaster strikes.  Only problem is that the keys to the front door are being handed to the wrong folks.  Ian Ludlow, a novelist, finds himself hunted as the last of a group of creative people polled to brainstorm potential terrorist threats.  His efforts put him in the crosshairs of some very dangerous people.

“For thirty years, I managed the CIA’s covert operations on a day-to-day basis,” Cross said. “In other words, I oversaw all of our surveillance, theft, sabotage, blackmail, smuggling, abduction, and killing.” The committee chairman—the corpulent, onetime-failed presidential nominee, Senator Ramsey Holbrook—harrumphed with disapproval. “I wouldn’t characterize our intelligence efforts that way.” “That’s one reason why the government shouldn’t be doing this kind of work, Mr. Chairman,” Cross said. “You can’t do something well if you’re in denial about what you’re doing. Add to that the bureaucracy, the limited budgets, the dated technology, and the fear of prosecution and what do you get? Fifty years of catastrophic intelligence failures. Meanwhile, the private sector, freed of those constraints, excels at the same work.”

A great thrill ride for the reader and the “hero”, Ian Ludlow is pursued by unknown forces and calls on unlikely friends to help him survive.

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