Framing the Dialogue

True American Hero – Steve Wynn

A repeated tome in this blog is the desire for business leaders who are not coddling up to politicians to gain favor and subsequent breaks from government toadies.  It seems like General Motors, Chrysler, BP, AIG, Goldman Sachs executive accept the pound of flesh that they have give to political expediency.  The dutifully appear before Congress to be berated and belittled, slink off to their boardroom to lick their wounds only to emerge like the Phoenix with even more power and favor from government.

I am seeking Wyatt.

I have been reluctant to select any business leader as a True American Hero, but Steve Wynn has been consistent and visible discussing issues concerning our economy, health care, and uncertainty caused by government actions.   I have never been shy about writing, but Wynn’s nomination as a hero are better explained in his words;

Wynn on the Obama Administration’s tax policy;

…and finally on government and health care;

A true American Hero in his own words.

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