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True American Hero – Senator Jim DeMint

Forget about the John McCains, the Mitt Romneys, the Newt Gingrichs, the Rudy Guilianis, the Mike Huckabees, and dare I say it…the Karl Roves.  These politicians had their day, but now it is time to fade away.  These folks have done their damage to the Republican Party and seem to enjoy the lame stream media limelight too much for my taste.  I no longer want a party that goes along to get along.  I want a party and leaders within that party who FIGHT for American values of small government. 

The conservatives within the Republican Party have finally come to life or at least have been given more press lately and there are many heroes within that group and some will be featured here in the near future.  I believe that Senator Jim DeMint is a True American Hero because he was at the forefront of the Tea Party movement.  He ran along side the citizens rather than trying to jump on board the wave as it thundered toward the electoral shore.  He was with the Tea Party folks from the beginning and has stuck by them as many of his Republican colleagues lament what could have been without Tea Party favorites like O’Donnel, Angle, Miller, etc.

“I think they [Tea Party] made a huge difference in the election.  They’re just part of this awakening of the American people, the citizen activism, this realigning of politics in America today.”

Perhaps the best endorsement of DeMint comes from the Huffington Post.  You cannot imagine how painful it is to link to that web site.  Their headline says it all as they attempt to portray themselves as a real news organization thought funded by Soros;  “Jim DeMint Emerges As Conservative Superpower With His ‘Disciples,’ But Faces Big GOP Backlash,”  It is funny to read the story as the HufPo uses RINO Lindsay Graham to make their case that DeMint cost the GOP a chance at a control of the Senate.  Lest you forget that the Republican Senate has such conservative stalwarts as Mr. Graham, McCain, Snowe, and Collins.  No matter how many seats the GOP picked up we could never overcome their propensity to stroll across the aisle.

We know that the left fears strong, well-spoken, confident conservatives.  I expect DeMint to be demonized like the media did to Newt.  I was politically young when the Mr. Gingrich became the Speaker of the House, but was awake enough to recognize his demonization.  He seems to have accepted his role as a media pundit, writer, and think-tank supporter and has frustrated me on occasion with his acceptance of some liberal views.  My wish for Senator DeMint is that his brain doesn’t grow three sizes too small and forget his principles. 

I also hope that Republicans don’t continue to eat their own.  As much as I admired Karl Rove, I no longer have any respect for him because of his attacks on Christine O’Donnel.  It wasn’t enough to say nothing, but he piled on and on and on.  He, perhaps, bears the most to blame for her loss.  His Republican establishment probably looks at strong, independent voices like DeMint as troublesome.  DeMint has some great teammates coming his way with Rand Paul and Marco Rubio and maybe even Joe Miller and Dino Rossi.  Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center perhaps said it best;

“The big winners of 2010 are Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin and liberal and moderate Republicans can’t stand it.  The Republican Party owes Jim DeMint a massive debt of gratitude and a standing ovation for what he did.  If the moderates in the Republican Party want war, they’re going to lose.  I guarantee you we will see their political carcasses when they come up for re-election.”

Senator DeMint penned an article for the Wall Street Journal the day after the historic election.  He wrote it to the new conservatives coming into Congress and it is worth reading the whole article, but I’ll leave you with this excerpt;

“Many of the people who will be welcoming the new class of Senate conservatives to Washington never wanted you here in the first place. The establishment is much more likely to try to buy off your votes than to buy into your limited-government philosophy. Consider what former GOP senator-turned-lobbyist Trent Lott told the Washington Post earlier this year: “As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.

Don’t let them. Co-option is coercion. Washington operates on a favor-based economy and for every earmark, committee assignment or fancy title that’s given, payback is expected in return. The chits come due when the roll call votes begin. This is how big-spending bills that everyone always decries in public always manage to pass with just enough votes.

But someone can’t be bribed if they aren’t for sale.”

Someone can’t be bribed if they aren’t for sale!

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