Framing the Dialogue

True American Hero – Milton Friedman

I have read the works of many great economists and the better ones have the innate ability to frame complex economic theories into words and images that are easily understandable.  On the other hand (a favorite economist phrase) perhaps all other economists make easy theories sound complicated.  Either way a favorite of mine is Milton Friedman.  Mr. Friedman has a quality that makes economics simple, practical, perhaps even fun.  Yes I said fun. 

Mr. Friedman is the first True American hero that I have proclaimed who is deceased, but his words live on in his books and I happened upon a treasure trove of videos that folks put out featuring this grandfatherly figure.  All economics classes taught in the United States should play the following videos.  It is a testament to how deep liberal/progressives have infiltrated the education system that probably 99 percent of Americans have never heard of Milton Friedman.  I hope you enjoy this series of short videos about common economic topics from a True American Hero:

Minimum Wage:

The Power of the Market – The Pencil:

The Power of the Market – The Invisible Hand:

The Power of the Market – Unfair Competition:

The Power of the Market – Equality:

The Power of the Market – Poverty:

The Power of the Market – Prices:

The Power of the Market – Welfare:

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