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True American Hero – Mike Rowe

mike roweI have not done one of the “True American Hero” posts for over three years!  I hadn’t consciously avoided the topic, but no one jumped out at me until more recently…and that is the latest Hero for me, Mike Rowe.  You may know him best as the “Dirty Jobs” guy who jumped in a sewer manhole to clean crap or one of the many other dirty things he did during his series.  One of the themes about the series if you paid attention was how the folks who did this “dirty jobs” just did the work.  Sure the jobs were often unpleasant, but they did them and many times were damn cheerful about them.

Mike Rowe just doesn’t have one of the best voices in media, he uses that voice to speak common sense in a calm, casual, yet passionate way.  The following is a great example of his message:

I challenge you to spend some time listening to Mr. Rowe’s message; a message that is really neither right nor left…it is truly from the center which is a place where many of us forget to look at.

If you are into podcasts then I highly recommend that you subscribe to Mike Rowe’s weekly podcast, “The Way I Heard It.”  The bad part for me is that they are only weekly and only about five minutes long (I’d like them longer and more often).  Click on this link to the podcast and subscribe today.


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