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True American Hero – Erick Erickson

erick ericksonErick Erickson is the Editor-In-Chief of RedState and most recently contracted to be a contributor to Fox News. Mr. Erickson hasn’t made any big splashes in the media or in conservative circles, but as a daily recipient of his RedState Morning Briefing I have come to know him as a true conservative or at least what I believe is a conservative. There is no gnashing of teeth over Obama phones, but real insight into politics. You can and must sign up to receive the Morning Briefing at this link even before you read on.

The format is simple, but the message is not. Every morning (weekdays only) you get three to five briefs with a link to the RedState website if you want to read more about the subject. Mr. Erickson tackles the issues of the day and offers clarity on true conservative issues. He is respectful, but hasn’t been afraid of calling a RINO a RINO or taking Republican governors to task for taking Obamacare money (bribes) or pointing out Republican weaknesses.

Erickson recently critiqued Senator Marco Rubio’s immigration reform proposals to which Rubio responded. Erickson included the response in his Morning Briefing and took the opportunity to illustrate his disagreements with Rubio. The exchange was respectful and informative as Erickson pointed out the troublesome aspects of Rubio’s plan. I think highly of Rubio, but he is a politician where Erickson is not and has offered a large body of work in which to judge him.

I’ve been getting the Morning Briefing for many months now and I find myself looking forward to the briefings and when I miss one I’ll just read it the next day (I generally mentally shut off politics in the evening – that’s family time). From one of today’s briefings;

“Let’s remember that the sequester will not eliminate a single major program nor will it shut down a single federal agency. Will it cut non-baseline spending for one or two years (before reverting to baseline cuts in the out years)? Yes – primarily with regards to defense spending. But will we actually eliminate any of the harmful programs or agencies that directly cost people their jobs and raise the cost of living? Absolutely not.

An EPA with an operating budget of $8.1 billion instead of $8.4 billion will still have the ability to promulgate every last regulation that kills jobs, destroys hundreds of billions in private wealth, and raises the cost of major goods and services.

Whether the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) spends $290 million or $280 million will not affect its ability to destroy private sector jobs.

And yes, whether the HHS budget is $78 billion or $75 billion, it will still be able to promulgate the healthcare takeover laws (they just released 700 pages of rules), implement the exchanges, and expand Medicaid….unless we specifically prohibit funding those programs in the CR. Ditto for the IRS with regards to the enforcement of the individual mandate.

For many conservatives who work in politics, it’s just another day at work. If Obamacare ultimately goes through, they will still have their jobs and will still be able to put out press releases with hollow threats about the next bad piece of legislation. They want to move on. But for those of us who actually believe in what we say; for those of us who believe that Obamacare, when fully implemented, will destroy the country as we know it, this is not just another day at the office. If Obamacare is not disrupted now, while it is still unpopular and largely in the planning phase, there is nothing worth fighting for in the future. Every other policy issue, certainly as it relates to balanced budgets and entitlement reform, will become moot.”

Those are the words of a True American Hero. Those are words we need to hear. Those words should make you immediately sign up for Erickson’s Morning Briefing.




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