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True American Hero – Chris Christie

“I have a message for the politicians that decided that their careers are more important than their children: I’m coming.  I have a message for the lawyers who have made a lifetime of suing us into failure:  I’m coming.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

We all have seen politicians come and go, make promises only to break them, promise light then enter Washington’s darkness, or give us hope and change then promptly turn to politics as usual once in office.  Politicians almost always forget that they sent to Washington or Harrisburg or Trenton or Sacramento or even Madison to REPRESENT us the people.  Chris Christie came into my atmosphere when, as a Republican, beat the incumbent and popular Gov. Corzine.  Christie’s upset of Corzine made a lot of news at first, however, his ascendance was quickly pushed to the back page in the media.  A usual technique when they want to hide a popular conservative. 

I didn’t pay much attention because it was after all New Jersey and I suffer in Rendell’s Taxylvania.  I guess that I expected Christie to be more like The Governator of Caulifornia; more of a RINO than a true conservative.  To quote Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, surprise.”  Gov. Christie is actually doing what he said he would do; a rare trait in a politician and a trait we all long for, that is if what he promises is what we want – not so good when you consider Obama doing what he said he’d do.

For me it’s not just that Christie is working to balance his state’s budget and fix what’s broken in New Jersey government, it’s his hutzpah.  He takes criticism and gives it right back.  I doubt that anyone has ever accused him of being a shrinking violet.  If you have never seen Gov. Christie’s take on an issue or a person, shame on you.  This is a guy you can follow and once you see him in action you’ll pray that he has higher aspirations of public office.  He is nice and polite but assertive and often quite funny.  He seems to typify what I think of as a Jersey guy and certainly not the nimrods on the Jersey Shore MTV show.  This clip shows his sense of humor:

Michael Van Der Galien recently wrote an article for NewsRealBlog showing his top five Chris Christie moments.  The best way to experience Christie is to see him in action.  The following clip is one of the author’s top five and is one that I had not seen, but it shows Christie in a classic no-holds-barred discussion about a tough issue; teachers unions and education:

This last clip is perhaps my favorite as Gov. Christie speaks from his heart about New Jersey’s “day of reckoning” and imploring the citizens to join him in fixing New Jersey for the children and grandchildren.  I don’t see any teleprompters here.  I suspect that his messages are not poll tested before he utters them.  I believe him.

The only thing were Gov. Christie may be wrong is about him coming after politicians and lawyers.  I believe that we are ALL coming after them.  Remember we surround them.

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