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True American Hero – Betsy McCaughey

mccaugheyBetsy McCaughey is the former lieutenant governor from New York.  It is unclear how a Pittsburgher ended up in New York, but we will forgive her as she has become one of the most articulate voices for sanity in the health care debate.  In a nutshell, she has been speaking against the massive overhaul proposed by the Obama Administration.  She has had the nerve to use facts and figures to dispute claims by Pelosi, Reid, and Obama to scare folks into supporting their efforts.  With all of their efforts, however, Rasmussen reports that 54 percent of Americans oppose the new plan (44% strongly opposed) while 42 percent (down from 45%) support the plan (only 23% strongly support).

If you want proof that Dr. McCaughey scares the heck out of Democrats and liberals, watch the following You Tube debate (sorry, but it is a little long) between New York Representative Anthony Weiner and McCaughey.  Weiner speaks first and rather than spend his time promoting the proposed legislation, he spends much of his time calling her a lier and disparaging her character.  In his rebuttal, he again liberally attacks her.  I guess if you cannot dispute the message, go after the messenger.  Does that sound familiar?  If you watch to the end, you will also see Rep. Weiner attack evil insurance companies and their profits.

I first started writing this post back in August when I first heard of Dr. McCaughey and how she pointed out that health care changes were slipped into the Stimulus bill.  The biggest issue seemed to be centered around the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology.  Rep. Weiner stated that this position was created in 2004 (thank you George Bush), the with the passage of the passage of the Stimulus, McCaughey contends that “the bill allocates more funding for this bureaucracy than for the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force combined.”

One of the more famous photo-ops used by the White House to convince you that we need to pass health care reform now was when he invited a number of doctors to discuss (actually, President Obama did pretty much all of the speaking) health care and get their photograph taken.  By the way, since you are coming to the White House, bring your lab coats.  Doctors always wear their lab coat when the visit the White House.  Please do not worry if you forget them, we will have one here waiting for you.  Who paid for those lab coats?  Betsy McCoughey recently wrote an article about a group of doctors who convened to have a discussion about the proposed health care legislation.  It might surprise you to know that a lot of doctors are not crazy about the future of American health care under government control.

pelosi health careI am looking forward to reading Ms. McCaughey’s review Nancy Pelosi’s current bill which is nearly twice as big as the previous version.  The Wall Street Journal has not wasted any time in describing the bill as “Epic new spending and taxes, pricier insurance, rationed care, dishonest accounting: The Pelosi health bill has it all.”  The WSJ also said that it “ may well be the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced.”   Those are very strong words.

They have outlined some highlights:

  • The bill creates a new and probably unrepealable middle-class entitlement that is designed to expand over time.
  • At least at first, these benefits would be offered only to those whose employers don’t provide insurance or work for small businesses with 100 or fewer workers. The taxpayer costs would be far higher if not for this “firewall”—which is sure to cave in when people see the deal their neighbors are getting on “free” health care. Mrs. Pelosi knows this, like everyone else in Washington.
  • The House disguises hundreds of billions of dollars in additional costs with budget gimmicks. It “pays for” about six years of program with a decade of revenue.  [Taxes will increase immediately, but the health care so desperately need by so many millions of our people will have to wait until 2013 or after the nest presidential election.  Coincidence?]
  • Much of the costs of new Medicaid coverage will have to be paid by states.  I guess this is why they can show less of an impact on federal deficits.  Your state taxes are going to skyrocket, but the federal government is looking out for you.  I think this is called an unfunded mandate.
  • Companies will have to pay a surtax (not a real tax mind you) if they do not cover employees.  Anyone want to guess what happens when the cost to employ people costs too much?  Unemployment!
  • A new “health choices commissioner” will decide what counts as “essential benefits,” which all insurers will have to offer as first-dollar coverage. Private insurers will also be told how much they are allowed to charge even as they will have to offer coverage at virtually the same price to anyone who applies, regardless of health status or medical history.

obamacare cartoonOne of the standard talking points that the libs trot out is that while we spend more per capita on health care, we lag behind the most of the world.  It might surprise you to learn that these studies rely on the governments to provide data that is then used to create the rankings.  Micheal Moore famously announced that Cuba had better health care than the United States, but was questioned on his movie by John Stossel.  Consider infant mortality where there is evidence that if a pregnancy is at risk, the fetus is often aborted and there is no infant death.  It is also reported that if an infant dies in Cuba in the first three days, that is also not counted  In the United States it is not unusual to have a pre-term birth included in the statistics.

How about some positive news about America’s health care?  The Hoover Institution provides some relief from the constant drum beat about how bad things are in America.

It is sad that the Democrats have shown us their intentions, have repeatedly tried to pass them, yet still cry foul when proof is put in front of their faces.  I have some ideas of the possible use the the health care bull.

Here is a health care challenge…As you consider health care, try to name a country where you would rather go for treatment.

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