Framing the Dialogue


“Yesterday should have been the worst day of her life. She had buried her father, her last relative on earth. She had been attacked by men with guns. People she knew were in therapy for much less. She should be prostrate with misery and shock. But she wasn’t. Yesterday had been the best day of her life. He had appeared like a vision on the steps, behind the garage, above the yard. The noon sun directly over his head, illuminating him.  Her heart had thumped and the old feelings had swarmed back into the center of her life, fiercer and stronger than ever, like a drug howling through her veins, like claps of thunder.”

Jack Reacher is not afraid of hard work.  Jack Reacher doesn’t mind not having lots of money.  Jack Reacher just wants to be left alone.  Jack Reacher never gets left alone!  In Tripwire he is living and working two jobs in Florida.  When folks start looking for him and some end up dead, his time in Florida is up.  He ends up chasing leads to New York where he finds a good friend deceased, a love he couldn’t have and some men who want to kill them both.

This is my third Reacher novel (I’m reading them from the beginning).  As usually, Reacher is slow to burn, but when he does, he really burns hot.  Lots of action in this one as expected.  The ending left Reacher with some decisions to make regarding his lifestyle.  I guess I’ll see in the fourth novel, though I can guess what he’ll do.

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