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Trickle…Yes MSM It’s Starting!

leaky_faucetEarlier in the month in my posting, Groundswell, I provided a case that there is a true groundswell of opposition to excessive government.  I will admit that it started as more of a anti-liberal Democrat movement, but the ranks have been joined by many others.  I believe that this groundswell has turned into a trickle (this is a positive development) as we are seeing the main stream media starting to open up and do their jobs although still to a limited extent.

I believe, and we should remember that this is a gathering storm against politicians of all party affiliations.

I have had the pleasure of being stuck at home with H1N1 (I am feeling better Thank You).  Being sick and more or less confined in my house gave me a unique opportunity to watch way too much television.  I caught an episode of Sports Soup on Versus yesterday and they played a clip of former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz discussing how Washington politicians are looking to weasel their way into college football most recently Senator Orin Hatch going as far as requesting that the Department of Justice look into the BCS organization. 

Trickle Evidence 1:  ESPN was having some fun discussing this issue in a “judicial” format seeking testimony from its hosts.  Obviously, they do not want the government to interfere with their corner of the planet.  It is a very interesting phenomena that people often call for government to “do something” UNTIL the government comes knocking on their door.  So it is not surprising that a bunch of sports guys object to government intrusion into sports, and especially college sports.  Watch the embedded video and pay particular attention to Lou Holtz’s segment.

Here are some highlights from Coach:

“As a taxpayer I have very low expectations.  I don’t expect our Congress to read a 1500 page stimulus bill before they spend 787 billion dollars we don’t have.  I don’t expect them to read the 2500 pages in the health bill before we spend a trillion dollars.  I don’t expect them to understand how we went 1.4 trillion dollars in debt in the last 12 months.  But I do expect them to read the 36 pages of the Constitution.” [Coach was prepared as he had a copy of the Constitution with him]

“Leave football alone.  It’s the one thing that’s competitive.  Not everybody gets a trophy.  Not everybody can say we’re number one…That’s part of the game.”

Fellow commenter, Mark May, was equally opposed and eloquent, but not as passionate as Coach Holtz. 

“They [the fans] don’t expect politicians to get involved with sports…that you have to change what you do in sports every single year because we’re politicians and we know what is better for the sport than people who are involved in the sport.”

Keep in mind that this exchange took place on an all sports cable channel during college game day and was seen by millions of fans.  That may be more than a trickle?

jobs_chartTrickle Evidence 2:  The front page of my paper carried the headline (above the fold) “Review: Stimulus employment overestimated.”  I have linked to the article as is my habit and the facts are not the focus of this posting.  The fact that my local paper carried a story questioning liberal issues was not that dramatic, but what struck me was the fact that the story was written by the Associated Press!  In an even bigger move, the story mentioned “President Obama’s economic recovery plan” very prominently.  It is unusual that a member of the MSM, when criticizing Obama, actually uses his name.  It is more their template to leave any reference to Obama out of the story or at the most use “Administration” or “White House.” 

I cannot help but comment on some of the facts of the story in that the focus is on the fact that estimates of the jobs “created or saved” may have been inflated by as much as a factor of four.  That is bad and a betrayal of public trust (public trust – oxymoron), but what is not highlighted is the fact that ONLY 30,000 jobs have been created (or saved).  Contrast that to the 2 to 3 MILLION jobs lost during the same period.   If you really want to get ticked, consider that it cost YOU only $15 billion as reported on the government website costing a paltry half million dollars per jobs.  If you adjust the jobs created as suggested by the AP (factor of four) that would be $2 million for each of the 7,500 jobs created OR SAVED.

Trickle Evidence 3:  The Wall Street Journal reports about the spreading gloom many Americans feel about the direction politicians are taking the country.  It should not be a surprise that folks are feeling gloomy when we have ten percent unemployment.  My evidence of the trickle is the fact that the Republicans cannot pin this tail on the Democrats who controls both houses and the White House.  As the minority party, they should be able to push all of the problems onto Obama, Pelosi and Reid (and the Republicans excell as a minority party – it does seem to bring out their “conservative” side).  People are getting it.  It is all of the politicians’ fault.

The ground has swollen, the trickle has started, next will be a steady flow…

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