Framing the Dialogue

Trent’s Last Case – The Woman in Black

Originally published over a hundred years ago, Trent’s Last Case brings newspaperman (I cannot remember his first name) Trent to a small town where a very famous person has died; no he was murdered.  Mr. Trent has been dispatched by his publisher to try and solve the case.  You see Trent has been remarkably good at solving crimes.

“You have come down to write about the murder.” “That is rather a colorless way of stating it,” Trent replied, as he dissected a sole. “I should prefer to put it that I have come down in the character of avenger of blood, to hunt down the guilty and vindicate the honor of society. That is my line of business.”

Mystery novels from that long ago didn’t rely on fancy CSI investigations.  In this story, even fingerprinting is a new fangled thing.  I did enjoy the story.

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