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Transfer Of Power

transfer of powerGlenn Beck had an interesting show a few weeks ago.  His entire television broadcast featured an interview with best selling author Vince Flynn.  The interview was fascinating and Beck hit a home run with his guest.  Flynn is probably best known for his spy novels with super ghost Mitch Rapp.  I had heard several talk show hosts talk about the series and decided to start reading them and I wanted to start at the beginning.  This started my quest for all of his books.  I prefer hardback books and do not like to pay full price unles it is a new release that I can read and quickly re-sell.  I also do not like dishevled paperbacks.  I know, I am weird.

The first book in the Mitch Rapp series is Transfer of Power.  I generally prefer not to give too much detail about novels during my review and generally do not beyond what is printed on the inside cover (back cover of paperbacks).  The crisis in which Rapp finds himself involves a group of terrorists who somehow attack the White House.

Transfer Of Power grabbed me from the first few pages and kept me interested throughout.  Author Flynn provides a great deal of technical detail regarding politics, terror, the American intelligence community, and our armed forces.  The story is riveting and seems to have been at least partially the basis of the last season of the television series, 24.  Flynn, however, did not play any games with the identity of the enemy.  You know it and you hate them. 

The interesting thing about Flynn is that he does not play the political correctness game as this quote attests; “Rapp concluded that no one in [Vice President] Baster’s group knew their head from their ass, and in the process of coming to this conclusion, he also discovered a correlation between their opinions and the conviction with which they stated them.  It seemed that the less someone knew, the more forcefully he tried to state his case.”  This sounds like pretty much every Sunday morning talk show.

I highly recommend Transfer of Power.  My only advise is that you do not start reading until the weekend.  That way you will, hopefully, be able to spend the time to read the whole book. 

Kudos for Glenn Beck.  He is batting one thousand as I have enjoyed every book/author that he has ever recommended.  I have not read all of the books he has suggested, but have been very pleased.  Maybe he should start a book club?

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