Framing the Dialogue

Tourist Season

“This was a big-time case, all right. Some nut hacks up the president of the Chamber of Commerce and dumps him in the bay—just what South Florida needed, another grisly murder. Keyes wondered if the dismemberment fad would ever pass. From the governor on down, everybody had wanted this one solved fast. And the cops had come through. “Mr. Keyes!” The sergeant’s voice echoed from a cheap speaker in the ceiling. Keyes signed the log…”

Is a serial killer loose?  Will the police and politicians be able to keep that news under wraps in the tourist happy part of Florida?  How can the police capture a killer that they cannot acknowledge is running rampant?  Will a former newspaper reporter turned private investigator be able to do the police cannot?  Will he survive the attempt?

Find out all of the answers in Tourist Season by Carl Hiaasen.  This is a murder mystery with a bit of comedy…dark comedy for sure.

“As a rule private detectives are not swamped with party invitations and that part Keyes didn’t mind; he wasn’t a lampshade-and-kazoo type of guy. But there were nights when a phone call from any sociable nonfelon would have been a welcome surprise on the old beeper. It wasn’t loneliness, really; aloneness was more like it. Keyes had felt it as soon as he’d quit the Sun; it was as if the quintessential noise of life had suddenly shrunk by fifty decibels. On some days the quiet tortured him;”



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