Framing the Dialogue

Total Control

total controlIn Total Control a tragic plane crash turns attorney Sidney Archer’s world upside down.  The young mother is thrust into a world of sinister characters and where danger lurks seemingly around every corner and she is really never sure who she can trust.  A veteran FBI agent, who long ago sacrificed his marriage and his family to the “job,” is trying to help and figure out is she in innocent or part of the bizarre plot to perpetrate mass murder.  She also has to find out how her husband might have been involved and whether he is still alive.

This is one of David Baldacci’s earlier works.  As one of those prolific writers, I had panned reading his work figuring that the quality would not be there due to the shear volume of work.  Total control is the third of his novels that I have read and it was a pretty decent book.  Some of the leaps (i.e. sudden ability to lose a team of FBI agents) of the characters was a little hard to accept, but overall this was a very entertaining story.

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