Framing the Dialogue

…To A Gun Fight

ballsSooner or later the GOP may actually grow a pair…not one for each elected official, just one that perhaps they can share.  Maybe like those gnarly ones you see hanging from the back of a beat up pickup truck.  The RINOs really think that they can just hold on and regain the Senate in November.  I am not so sure with shenanigans like they pulled in Mississippi allowing…no encouraging…no begging Democrats to vote in the primary against the TEA Party candidate will leave many of us conservatives with a very bad taste in our mouths.  I am having a hard time looking forward to Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader.  Dine on these fine quotes from Mitch recently;

“Some of the proudest moments I can think of in my own career have been the things that I stopped.”

“We’d work longer days and weeks using the clock to force consensus.”

“If the leader brings up a bill on Monday and really wants to finish it, the fatigue factor is the best tool you have.  Rather than try to shut everybody out and making everybody mad, you just run the clock.”

Mitch also stated that he would restore the supermajority rule that Harry Reid changed to allow Obama’s nominees to slide through without filibusters.  That’s it Mitch, just when you get control back you give power to the Democrats.  Perhaps this is just the “Get Along With Mitch” show.

The Democrats in Texas brought their gun to the fight trying to torpedo Rick Perry’s political future.  They found a way to indict him.  I’ll let Mr. Mark Levin describe this fight.

The only thing is that the Democrats may have miscalculated here.  One I don’t think Gov. Perry is a dumb as they think he is.  Two I don’t think Gov. Perry is a shrinking violet that will back down.  Third Gov. Perry is not a RINO.  And finally I actually think Gov. Perry would love this fight!  It may show the rest of us what he’s got…they carry guns in Texas!


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