Framing the Dialogue


tithe“They have brought back the Tithe, the sacrifice of a beautiful and talented mortal.  In the Seelie Court they may steal away a poet to join their company, but the Unseelie Court requires blood.”

Tithe is a “modern faerie tale” by author Holly Black written for a younger audience though there is some violence that is not appropriate for very young children.  It is a story of Kaye as she and her mother are forced to move back to New Jersey to live with her grandmother.  The three generations don’t get along well with her grandmother’s traditional ways, her mother’s wild ways, and Kaye stuck in the middle trying to find herself.  Add to that a struggle between to rival faerie kingdoms in which Kaye gets pulled into and you have Tithe.

Note:  Faeries does not equal good!

This is a nice, short summer read.

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