Framing the Dialogue

Tis The Season

Guess which one is me (hint - my beard is fake)

The weather outside wasn’t quite frightful though the high never cracked 30 degrees, but it would have been nice to have been able to stay all snug in my bed.  But visions of Christmas shopping pushed me instead.  To Target, to Home Depet, to WalMart and Subway to be fed.  Sorry!  I got carried away so I’ll get back to writing instead.  STOP before I see red!

Actually a need to go to the Post Office pushed me out of the house.  While I was out I decided to run some errands and since I needed a lot of different things I chose WalMart as my first stop.  We don’t have a Super WalMart near where I live, but I found what I needed and more even a mouse (pad).  There was no mistaking that our store had the Christmas spirit.  The parking lot was packed and I was greeted at the front door by some youths ringing bells for the Salvation Army Red Kettle.  The oft-maligned retailer still allows collections at their stores. 

I put in a donation and all three chimed in their “thank yous” and one offered me a piece of peppermint candy.  What a great way to start.  The store was busy, but people were cheerful rather than ornery at the crowds. When I saw a young man sitting in the book aisle reading, probably while his parents shopped, I remembered shopping with my mother and sisters…a place to sit and something to read was a lifesaver.

I only went for a few things, but as I walked the spirit grabbed me and my cart slowly filled.  My shopping list took me to the back of the store in search of the mousepad.  I turned the corner and to what should my wondering eyes appear, but little old Saint Nicholas sitting on his rear.  Unlike other stores and malls WalMart offered free photographs with Santa.  He was a right jolly old elf when I joked that I was too big to sit on his lap he offered to switch places.  I looked at his elf helper and took up the space. 

I am finding it hard not to lapse into rhyme (I want to use “having a hard time” but was disciplined).  As I waited for my photo to come off the printer I found my mousepad and a few other things.  I cannot tell you whether carols were playing in the store, but I found myself whistling and humming.  Maybe a little weird, but oddly my trip to WalMart put me in the Christmas spirit, and a cart full of stuff for a price low enough.

The End!

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