Framing the Dialogue

Time Less

Like a chicken with its head cut off, Time Magazine continues to thrash about without a brain with yet another uninspiring “Man of the Year” cover.  Not only was the selection of “The Protester” further indication of the leftist agenda, but their honored protesters are more famous for their damage than their courage as evidenced by their propensity to hide their identity as they “brave” their opposition.  Brave in this case means mob as that is what they are.

Consider Time’s first listed protester – The Arab Spring:  The scenes that I most remember were of killing, rape (ask the American reporter who was repeatedly raped during the Arab Spring – Lara Logan).  Once the Arab springers were free of oppressive rule they celebrated by killing hundreds of Coptic Christians.  Any guess at which “religion of peace” wielded the murder weapon?  The “secular” Muslim Brotherhood won power in the free elections and things have gotten much better unless you consider their desire for war with Israel or perhaps their taunts toward testing Obama’s mettle

“The latest sign of a crackdown in Cairo is the holding back of seven U.S. citizens, including the son of a U.S. cabinet member. Elise Jordan talks to trapped American Sam LaHood. “

 Add to that the “protests” or as most of us would call them…riots in the rest of the Arab world their brutality even made me feel sorry for Mohmar Quadaffi.  Jamming a razor knife up his rear is nothing to celebrate let alone a movement to dedicate a magazine cover.

Consider next – their Athens Protesters:  Greece or as I frighteningly call it “America’s future,” provided a graphic illustration of what will possibly happen here unless drastic changes are made.  What happens to a country that spends way more than they earn (i.e. steal through taxes) and those who pay the bill are no longer around.  Like the babies they are the citizen (i.e. union) protests erupted in Athens as the “adults” initiated austerity measures (i.e. cutting all of the “free” stuff).  I see direct parallels to the union actions here in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio.

Next on our list are the wonderful, the glorious, the mighty unwashed – The Occupy Wall Street:  If you have ever ridden a toboggan down a steep slope you can understand my view of the Occupy folks.  Hurtling down a slippery slope without much guidance or direction and gaining reckless momentum…oh and is generally done on someone else’s property.  Look at the costs.  Look at the property damage.  Look at the evictions.  Look at the riots.  Look at the crime.  Look at the rapes.  Look at the success – okay there is not any success unless you consider prepie, urban camping a success.  Please give me one reason why this movement should be celebrated, but CNS posted a poem about the movement that is worth reading at this link.

What a weird world when the most true protest  - Moscow.  Thousands of Muscovites took to the streets to protest Vladamir Putin’s attempts at taking back power.  I don’t think he ever lost power, it just wasn’t official.  These folks were protesting against socialism/communism as they have found that they love their freedom.  These people even braved the cold and didn’t run home to Mommy and Daddy like the occupiers here.  True to form, Time put their cause on the bottom.

Conspicuously absent was the TEA Party protesters.  True that they had most of their protests prior to 2011, but with the swearing in of majorities of Republican legislators in 2011 they certainly had an impact on the world.  Time like most Democrats, mainstream media, progressives, and even Republicans would like to forget about the TEA Party.  Sorry, but they/we aren’t going away.

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