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Time Flies

Time FliesThis was an unusual book written by comedian Bill Cosbyas he struggles with getting older.  I found the book in the clearance rack at Half Priced Books and since I have always liked Cosby.  I remember listening to his albums (that’s right albums) when we were young. 

Written when he was around 50 years old (1987) and taping his hit television show.  I found Time Flies an interesting, but not really funny book about a man growing old.   Maybe that is because I am nearly his age when he wrote the book.  It may hit too close to home.  I found the book to be a little self indulgent and repetitive.  The version that I read had a 23 page introduction that I had to skip after reading a few pages. 

I could relate to some of the aging issues recounted by Cosby.  It may be gross, but I often have to trim my eyebrows and ear hair between hair cuts.   I still remember the haircut when the barber offered to trim my eyebrows.  I was forty and it was not traumatic, but memorable.  She also, without asking, trimmed the hair growing on the outside of my ears.  Thankfully I do NOT have hair growing out of my ears.  That would mean that I a really old. 

Something that I noticed as I get older is that I have “good” and “bad” body parts.  Nothing sexual here!  I have a “bad” ear or the one where I have some hearing loss (my right ear).  I just love being teased because a family member whispered something that I did not catch and have asked them to repeat it only to have eyes rolled at my request.  I know these situations have prompted the phrase “I hope that I live long enough” to see you at this age. 

Another habit of Cosby’s with which I can relate is that we both keep a notepad and pen on our nightstands.  I tend to get ideas when I have time to think and got tired of trying to remember that great idea I had in bed.  Like Cosby, my notes written in the middle of the night are often difficult to read.  With my penmanship my notes are often hard to read when written during the day.

I would not necessarily recommned this book to a man facing his fifties, but it might be appropriate for the family members of that man.  Time Flies might convince them to impart a little empathy.

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