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Three Million…So Far

In the continuing saga of my steps to better health I recently surpassed my 3,000,000 step. And I might add that I did this ahead of my projected schedule. It took me nearly four whole months to get to my first million, then almost another four months to reach two million. My next million came a little over two and a half months later. This was buoyed by our vacation hiking in Arizona in which I had my best day ever (28,862 steps) and best week ever (107,946 steps). In keeping with the stats attack my three million steps equates to approximately 1,325 miles which the wear on my walking shoes will attest…last stat (really) is that I am on a streak of twelve consecutive weeks where I am averaging at least 10,000 steps a day.

As I am nearing the end of my first year of walking I find that, disappointingly, that some days I have to struggle to get my ass in gear. It doesn’t take too many days to lapse into back into slothful, couch potato ways. That’s discouraging to me, but that little pedometer and my tracking calendar keep me honest. Every morning when I wake up it has already zeroed itself as if yesterday didn’t count.  The pedometer is a cruel master.  I also purchased an iPhone application, Pedometer, which allows me to track and look at charts on my progress. Careful though as it is a battery sucker when on for a while and using GPS modes.

I’ll have to talk to my wife to see if I am becoming obsessed. I hope so. While we were on vacation I was usually up before everyone and took a long walk while they slept. On my big day I walked about six miles before we went hiking. Maybe it was the dry weather and high elevations of Sedona. Maybe it was the red rocks. Maybe it was the Vortex. Maybe I was still was not used to the time change because it was not too unusual for me to be crashed by 9:30 pm.

I would like to predict when I’ll reach 4 million and I would like it to be by the end of the year. I also want to lose 50 pounds, grow four inches (height), and be able to run the Iron Man.  None of those things are going to happen…at least any time soon.  Perhaps by President’s Day with the caveat of winter weather, holidays, and cold temperatures rapidly approaching.

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