Framing the Dialogue

Thinning The Herd

Cynthia Ceilan’s “tales of the weirdly departed” is a collection of interesting ways that folks enter the nether world.  Some were famous, but most were not;

“David Frazer survived being thrown from his car when it rolled over several times on a New Zealand highway.  As he lay sprawled in the middle of the road, grateful to be alive, he was run over by an oncoming trailer truck.  The truck had swerved to avoid Frazer’s overturned car.”

Thinning the Herd is loosely organized into chapters such as “Oops,” “How the Mighty Have Fallen,”Better Luck Next Time,” and my favorite, “Just Plain Weird.”  The individual stories are no longer than two paragraphs and most are only one so it is a perfect book when you only have short periods to read.  Perhaps it is weird to read about the strange way folks die, but it is interesting on a somewhat dark level.  Ceilan fortunately did not provide much in the way of gory details.

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