Framing the Dialogue

Thinking As A Science

thinking“have you not often been in a waiting room or a Pullman, noticed people all about you reading and finding yourself without any reading matter, have you not wished that you had some? – something to ‘occupy your mind’? And did it ever occur to you that you had within you the power to occupy your mind, and do it more profitable than all those assiduous readers?  Briefly, did it ever occur to you to think?”

This book by Henry Hazlitt was originally published in the early 1900’s and many of his references are obviously outdate as with the “Pullman” reference in the above quote.  One of my favorite economics books was authored by Mr. Hazlitt [Economics In One Lesson] which I found to provide invaluable information in a readable format.  His effort in this book, Thinking as a Science fell far short of that for me.  I found myself thinking of other things as I worked to read this book.  It was work to read this book.  Mr. Hazlitt seems to discourage too much reading as that activity is a deterrent to thinking.

This book was a struggle for me to get through.

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