Framing the Dialogue

Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About

So the title of this book obviously caught my eye and imagination.  This just has to be funny; right?  In Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About, we meet an unmarried Ursula and Pel (that’s an unusual name) as they travel through life and their long-term relationship.  Author Mil Millington provides plenty of things to laugh about and many that you probably will nod your head in both sympathy and remembrance.

“Ursula appears to have an, in my opinion, unhealthy obsession with what I’m thinking. It can’t be normal to ask a person, as often as she asks me, “What are you thinking?” In fact, I know it’s not normal. Because I’m normal, and I virtually never ask her what she’s thinking. I’m apparently not allowed, ever.”

Pel, in addition to live with Ursula, finds himself thrust into higher and higher positions of power at his university, all of which he is patently unqualified for…except that he has no idea what’s going on and that seems to be a good thing.

“I didn’t really think that far ahead.” I genuinely hadn’t. I’m not really a thinking ahead kind of person. (Though if you want someone to brood over the past, I’m your man.) “The job spec could well ask for qualifications I don’t have.”

““Ahhh, I don’t need to invest in such cheap ornamentation anymore. I’m out of that market. There’s just Ursula and me, growing old together.” “And that’s better?” “Yes. It’s more efficient. With Ursula you get to grow old much quicker.”

“It always takes ages to get to sleep when you’re in an Angry Position because you fight it. You want to stay awake just in case the other person makes some comment and you can respond to it by pretending to be asleep.”

The book was not what I expected and I liked it very much.



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