Framing the Dialogue

Things I Think -September 2015

This is some random things running around my brain itching to get out…

First off…Little Ahmed’s clock. Bill Maher says it best;

Second off…Hilary’s emails; all of the hoopla will amount to nothing. This is all about getting the story out of the way long before the general election. Next May she’ll be able to say it’s a vast right-winged conspiracy and we’ve been through all of that. She is Peanuts’ Lucy yanking the ball yet again away from the Republican stooges trying to play nice to the cameras. The only chink in Hilary’s armor is Obama and how much he dislikes the Clintons. He could really screw her.

Third off…I find Mr. Trump amusing. I think he resonates, not because all Republicans are racist, but because he takes no shit and says what he wants. He has “F.U.” money and he’s not afraid to flaunt it. I don’t think he can win the general and probably not even get the RINO nomination, but he sure is fun, an uncomfortable fun, to watch.   Try to just imagine a Trump versu Biden race. The stand-up comedians will have boat loads of material.  Hours just on their hair!

Fourth off…The New England Patriots are CHEATERS!

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