Framing the Dialogue

There’s A Hair In My Dirt

From the insane mind of Gary Larson comes a story about of all things, worms.  In There’s a Hair in My Dirt! A Worm’s Story Larson combines his usual (actually unusual) sense of humor in a format very much like a children’s book as he chronicles the life of little boy worm who hates being a worm.  Larson stays true to the science as there are not arms or legs on these worms.  Father does smoke a pipe, they have furniture, eyes, teeth, and speak, but other than that it is pretty true to science.

If you love Larson, humor, and worms you’ll love this story and you can share it with your children as there is a moral to the story.  As an owner of  a worm composting bin, I have never overheard any meaninful conversations.  I suspect they stop talking when they hear my footsteps.

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