Framing the Dialogue

There Should Be Investigations

No I’m not talking about the travesty that seems to be developing in Florida with the witch hunt and show trial of George Zimmerman.  Oh he may be guilty of many things…there has just not been enough “official” (i.e. real) facts that have come out into the public to convict him.  In this country, up until a few years ago, that was the role of our judicial system.  The investigations should be about how, under the Regime of Barack Obama, an American company that had been the biggest in the world has been overtaken by a Chinese company.

That stuff happens in business, but this is different.  Look at these two headlines;

Chinese producer usurps Exxon

Obama targets oil company profits

It’s not just Obama, but most politicians use large companies to inflame the voters and claiming they’ll fix this or that or my favorite…”make things fair.”  Constantly abusing our American companies (you know that sinister group of 1%ers who happen to employed millions of us and in whom we have invested our retirement accounts) to their detriment should make one a pariah and not a president. 

There is no doubt that China want to usurp more than the oil business.  We should investigate why Obama and others seem unaware or uncaring about that prospect.  Actually what Obama is doing enables that process.  The frightening thing is that it is working and it works because his main-stream media press corps fawningly follow his tired, old, divisive playbook. 

God help us if he wins again and has “more flexibility.”

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