Framing the Dialogue

There Is Something About Cheney

Finally someone from the Bush Administration is firing back.  Sorry that may be in poor taste considering Dick Cheney’s hunting accident a few years ago.  Cheney’s buddy survived the face full of buck shot, but Nancy Pelosi may not.  Anyone who watches the former VP and is not impressed by his tone, knowledge, straight forwardness, and gravitas is in denial.

I was frankly often disappointed at the Bush White House for not being more proactive in defense of their policies.  As a Bush supporter, I felt abandoned when they would not defend themselves even against the most vitriolic attacks.  This policy was generally attributed to W’s respect for the office of the president and not wanting to lower the office to that level.

Based on Dick Cheney’s recent appearances I have to wonder if W had him locked away in the secret bunker.  Sorry, the bunker formerly known as secret.  Current VP Joe Biden seems to have given up the classified location in another of his “quaint” gaffes.

I have always liked this Dick Cheney.  The MSM really seems confused about how to manage his appearances.  The Cheney chapter in the MSM playbook requires them to characterize him as Dr. Strangelove, but they are conflicted by recent directives from the White House to go after Pelosi.  Cheney is bad, but he is going after Pelosi too, which is good.

Things settled down later on in the week for the MSM as Cheney criticized the White House and the MSM could revert back to their playbook.  Unfortunately for the MSM, Cheney has momentum and is winning the debate.  Obama felt compelled by his teleprompter to read a speech describing how much he cares about national security.

Have you ever worked with someone who always told you how busy he was?  You work with them and know that they are not that busy.  You see them cube hopping, looking for coffee, or spare bits of food.  This is a person who is so busy that they never accomplish anything.  So when our president has to remind us of how important he thinks national security is I wonder.  Ok, I do not really wonder, I was just being nice.

Unfortunately for Obama, he is up against an adult and a fighter and the adult (Cheney) is winning the debate.  Cheney’s message is taking hold with the American people.  We still have some national pride and maybe folks are finally getting tired of MSM, Hollywood, and leftists telling everyone how bad America is.

When he was selected as Bush’s VP candidate the MSM was all a twitter (and that was before Twitter existed) about the pick.  Cheney’s “gravitas” was widely considered a great addition and balance to George Bush…until they won.  Yes, they actually won in 2000.  The Supreme Court did not give Bush the presidency.  Gore did not win Florida in any of the recounts.  Once in office, Cheney promptly was characterized as a devious figure seconds away from his next heart attack.  Take a test. 

Do a Google or Yahoo image search of Dick Cheney and look at the results.  Most of the photographs are scowling and off color cartoons of Mr. Cheney.  Do these search engines purposefully show the unflattering images first?

My favorite Cheney story took place on the Senate chambers in 2004.  Senator Patrick Leahy had been particularly vehement in his criticism of Cheney’s former employer, Halliburton, and contract awarded to company.  Even though Halliburton had received the same contracts under the Clinton administration and Cheney no longer worked or held investments, the Democrats and Leahy were nasty.

The event was a photo op and as Leahy went to cozy up and get his picture with the Vice President, Cheney told him to “F*** yourself.”  Cheney told a senior Democrat Senate leader to F himself in the Senate chamber. 


I look forward to more Cheney.

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