Framing the Dialogue

There is Hope All Around

As the title suggests, there is hope all around us.  I have come to believe that the media is the worst enemy of our country.  They exploit our worst traits to sell us shoes, makeup and prescription drugs.  From reality shows to thousands of diet tips to photoshopped images of “celebrities,” media sets the dialogue…and sadly we watch.

I saw a comment from a friend about the riots in Baltimore.  The essence of the comment was that the media needs to stop calling the rioters “protestors” as they are NOT protesting.  they are rioting and destroying property just to destroy things.  The media loves the destruction and gleefully show us more along with their glam graphics.  This video has been circulating as a Mom of one of the “protestors” confronted her son after seeing him, allegedly, participating in the “protests.”  This video gives up some hope that all is not going down the crapper…

How long will it take for some talking head to suggest that the Mom here is abusing her poor child?  Perhaps she’ll end up in jail and her boy will be coddled by the media for the traumatic experience.  To say our society is a bit out of whack in some areas may be an understatement.

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