Framing the Dialogue

The Woman Who Married A Cloud

Married Cloud 1When I purchased this I thought it was one of those psychological books that presented unusual mental afflictions experienced by some people.  It’s not. The Woman Who Married a Cloud is a collection of short stories by Jonathan Carroll .  The only way that I can really explain the type of stories contained in this book is perhaps allude to the famous television series The Twilight Zone.  The stories are rather bizarre and generally have a twist…some expected and some not.  As with any work of this sort there were stories that I enjoyed, and quite a few that I did not.  About half way through the book I almost put it down as I found myself rushing through each story trying to get to the end of the book.  I really hate to give up on a book.  This one started to feel like a strain on me.  Some of the stories just ended abruptly for me, but they got better for me and I finished and was overall pleased.

I am not sure that I would recommend to just anybody, but if you like the imaginative and bizarre this might be the book for you.

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