Framing the Dialogue

The Whole Truth

whole truthThe Whole Truth is the first in the “A. Shaw” series originally published in 2008.  The novel by thriller writer David Baldacci has the world on the verge of war as unseen forces are playing chess with world powers and global superpowers are thrust into a return to Cold War days.  Powerful forces are at work to push public opinion against an old enemy.  The lead character named Shaw seems to be a puppet on the string of powerful “police” and is forced to do their bidding and accidently become intertwined with the growing world tension.  He joins forces with a prize-winning author who is down on her luck to try to prevent war.

“No this was really about putting the world back into its proper structure.  Things had been misaligned for long enough.  Creel had grown weary of watching the weak and savage dictate to the strong and civilized.  He was about to set things right.  Some might claim he was playing God.  Well, in a way he was.  But even a benign god used violence and destruction to make his point.  Creel intended to follow that model to the letter.”

Mr. Baldacci is fast becoming a favorite author of mine.  This novel is thrilling and one that kept me on the edge of my seat.  I also like how his stories share a bit of criticism of current culture and society.

“Give the word and it’s all over the Internet.  Five minutes after that every major news outlet will have it in their greedy little claws.  You sure they won’t sit on it?  Try to verify things?  Pender laughed.  Verify? In this day and age?  Who cares about verifying anything?  It’s all about speed.  Who gets there first defines the truth.”

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