Framing the Dialogue

The Unruly Trinity

There are three entities that have the unique ability to drive the left absolutely stark raving mad.  The mere mention of any of these makes Keith Olberman slather, Chris Matthews have leg pain, Rachel Madow (Ok I got nothing for her), the New York Times lose more circulation, and Robert Gibbs wish for his big break on Saturday Night Live.

The first and perhaps the most hated is former Republican Veep candidate, Sarah Palin.  Sean Hannity calls it “Palin Derangement Syndrome.”  The left was probably very disappointed that they did not get to choose the Republican VP candidate like they chose John McCain and took an instant dislike to her.  From the price of her campaign wardrobe to who is the mother of her child to what she reads and most recently what she writes on her hand.

Next in line is the Tea Party movement.  What started as a grassroots protest about excessive taxation, a growing federal government, and lack of representation has grown into a political force.  This waking giant has been disparaged and characterized as “tea baggers” (a shameful  euphemism for a sexual act), red necks, extremists, illiterates, and racists.  I attended a local event and saw none of those things.  The media is so desperate for things to criticize that its main complaint was that organizers charged for folks to attend its recent convention.

Coming in at number three is Vice-President Dick Cheney.  There is something about Cheney that infuriates the left.  Maybe it is his gravitas.  He seems to be cunning, evil, hawkish, on the take, and near death gun-totin Dr. No.  I remember a brief love affair that the lame stream media had with Cheney when George W. picked him as his running mate.  The choice was lauded providing experience to the Bush administration.  That did not last long as Cheney was soon portrayed as a Dr. No character leading Bush toward global war.  It was funny to watch Obama send out Biden to counter Cheney this weekend.  I would love to see these two guy debate…then wrestle.

Lastly is the MajaRushie (I know that is four).  What can I say about Rush that he hasn’t said himself.  Rush Limbaugh is the most successful radio host of all time and “almost always right.”  Why does Rush taunt liberals…because he can.  The mere mention of his name in liberal circles is like opening a can of catnip in Janeane Garofalo’s apartment – chaos.  I love listening to Rush set up the left.  Before he makes a “controversial” statement, he’ll tell us how the drive by media will portray it, he’ll make the statement, then he’ll tell us again how the media will play the clip.  I have lost count of how many times I have heard him do that and witnessed his predictions come true.  MegaDittos.

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