Framing the Dialogue

The Unquiet Bones

unquiet bonesI am fond of many different types of books and the easiest for me to be grabbed by are thrillers – fast moving world travel with high-tech weapons and the world on the verge of collapse. The Unquiet Bones features none of that. The hero of this novel is Hugh de Singleton, the local surgeon, who cannot bill himself as a doctor as he had not finished his schooling. Singleton’s skills, and some luck being near the site of an injured nobleman give him an opportunity to improve his station or at least his ability to make a better living.

The young surgeon finds himself tasked with first identifying some bones found and then investigating how they came to be. The investigation is a look at simple detective work without the use of forensics or any technical gadgets and leads Singleton down different roads, some of them the wrong ones. The twist and turns do not frustrate the intrepid investigator as he balances a lively career as a surgeon and investigator.

There is an interesting peek into the world of the fourteenth century. While this book is not action-packed, full of riveting activity it is still an enjoyable novel by Mel Star. It was so good that I found it hard to put down and was fortunate to have a whole Saturday to spend curled up with it. I followed that up by ordering the rest of the series that night.


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