Framing the Dialogue

The Uluru Code

The Uluru Code is the tenth in the Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thrillers and the first one that I’ve read.  Sean and his colleagues are sort of a cross between Indiana Jones and Jason Bourne; having a deep understanding of archaeology, but not afraid to kick some ass and kill folks who want to kill them.  They’ll not run away, but will run toward danger.

In this novel they are engaged in a frantic search for an ancient Aboriginal relic that purportedly has world-changing powers.  Of course there is an evil person and his hirelings also searching.  These bad guys will stop at nothing to got the “trophy”, even killing.

“”I know. Killing the men who did this won’t change the past. That said, we’re going to kill them all.” Sean gave a solemn nod. “Yeah. We are.”

The book was entertaining though a bit predictable…sort of.  I don’t think that having an inkling about how a book will flow is a negative.  I still like to see if I am right and how the author will get there.

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