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The Tipping Point

I remember taking over as the construction manager at my facility.  Our previous manager took another job and construction season was approaching.  I likened that summer to surfing.  I would get on the wave each day and see where it took me.  Schedules were often thrown out the window early each morning.  One of the tools I was given was a car phone (they weren’t cell phones yet).

I would use the phone and start making calls to subcontractors on my way to work, coordinate work throughout the day and end the day setting up the next day’s work. 
When the bill came that first month, my boss was a little upset since it was over $200.  That’s not much these days, but 15 years ago I took some heat. 

A few years later my wife bought one and I thought that was a waste of money and unnecessary until I got mine 18 months later (although we did choose different carriers – She was Sprint and I was AT&T).  We both worked and the kids were older and usually got home before we did.  It was a convenient way to keep in touch.

After my two-year contract expired, I switched to Verizon and got an additional phone for our three children to share.  Within a year after that we had two more phones and my wife joined our plan.  Something changed in our family and we “tipped” from having a phone as a luxury and convenience to having a need for five cell phones.

The Tipping Point illustrates how common things became common.  At some point items like cell phones tip and spread like wildfire.   In this book Malcolm Gladwell discusses how little things can make a big difference.  This book is full of interesting theories about Hush Puppies and how New York City drastically reduced its crime rate.  

One of my favorite parts is his discussion of the Law of the Few…Connectors, Mavens, and salesmen.  Gladwell’s theory is that Paul Revere was a connector.  I think that I am a connector also. 

Hopefully you’ll connect with this book after reading this review (please don’t let that cheesy transition scare you off).

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