Framing the Dialogue

The Tide Washed Her Away

tide washed her awayIn The Tide Washed Her Away a “prodigal daughter” returns home and though an only child her former friends are the ones who have angst at her return.  Jessica struggles to find herself and reconnect with girlfriends that she seemingly turned her back on when she moved to New York City.  Her first stop is to a party where she was invited, but not really expected to attend.  It didn’t go well!

When a former friend disappears under mysterious circumstances things become even more bizarre in the small tourist town.  Most folks don’t really seem to want to know what happened and as Jessica digs in deeper to the friends life she feels threatened for her life.  Unsure who to trust she is driven to tell her friend’s story no matter the cost.

This was an interesting novel.  I thought that I had it figured out about two-thirds of the way through, but I was wrong.  It is kind of a dark story (it’s a murder mystery right?).  I thought some of the parts of the relationship between Jessica and her girlfriends to be a bit tedious, but overall this was a decent book.

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