Framing the Dialogue

The Test

“During the BVA, subjects are placed in traumatic situations. While government studies show that the vast majority of subjects recover completely given the right medication, most show symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder in the immediate aftermath, often during the test. ASD is similar to PTSD in many ways—patients suffering from the former will be diagnosed with the latter if the symptoms persist—but with a focus on dissociative symptoms. These include, but are not limited to, derealization and depersonalization—nothing around you feels real, not even your own thoughts or emotions. Detachment, emotional unresponsiveness, and a general feeling of numbness.”

The Test is a science fiction novel showing a new method of ascertaining whether an immigrant should become a citizen.  While they think they are taking a citizenship test, they are subjected to life and death scenarios and intense pressure where their actions determine their fate.

This is a very unusual book…almost 1984ish in its brutality, frankness, and perhaps glimpse into a not to distant future.  I cannot say avoid it, but I’m not sure that I’d recommend it either.


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