Framing the Dialogue

The Templar’s Revenge

The Templar’s Revenge is the 19th in the James Acton series (I’ve only read a handful).  In this novel Acton and his wife are convinced to travel to view a mysterious artifact.  The trip seemed unusual and when they have serious trouble trying to get to their host’s house their misgivings are realized.

“Acton’s eyes narrowed as he processed what had just been said. “You’re a Templar?” There was no hiding the skepticism in his voice, and if it weren’t for the fact there were men on the other side of the wall with guns, he would have turned on his heel and walked back to the airport. But that fact, and something about the man himself, gave him pause. “Yes.” “That’s preposterous.” Laura was the one who voiced his opinion for him.”

The artifact, if real, was perhaps the most sacred for the Catholic Church.  Acton and his wife are caught up in a dangerous game between Templar factions who each knew what’s best for this antiquity.  Needless to say, but true to James Acton novels, there is quite a bit of action…and worth reading.


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