Framing the Dialogue

The Stupidest Angel

“Pine Cove, sleepy California coastal village—a toy town, really, with more art galleries than gas stations, more wine-tasting rooms than hardware stores—lay there, as inviting as a drunken prom queen, as Christmas loomed, only five days away. Christmas was coming, and with Christmas this year, would come the Child. Both were vast and irresistible, and miraculous. Pine Cove was expecting only one of the two.”

When Archangel Raziel gets his big chance to deliver a Christmas miracle he really messes up…hence the title of the book, The Stupidest Angel.  When he grants a wish to young Joshua Barker, Raziel really isn’t aware of the breadth and scope of that wish.  This holiday will not soon be forgotten in Pine Cove…unless it is?

This is vintage Christopher Moore and his Pine Cove “series”.  Certainly not for the young or snowflakes, but humorous none the less.  I’ve never been disappointed by one of Moore’s novels.  Freaked out yes, bored no!




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