Framing the Dialogue

The Second Sun

second sunThe Second Sun is the third in Chris Stewart’s Great and Terrible series.  It picks up the story from Where Angels Fall and follows the main characters as they battle the evil that befalls them.  Though the paranormal forces, both good and evil, are not as frequent they are present in the actions of the combatants.  The book travels on smoothly, but one of the opening quotes in the book gives a clear indication of the furious ending or should I say beginning of the fourth volume?

“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed and everywhere the ceremony on innocence is drowned.”

This book really reads more like a thriller novel than as an “epic conflict of the last days” as described on the cover.  I saw things coming from the story, but I still kept wanting better outcomes.  Though the battle rages I wonder about the glimpse into those that hate the West.  Are they that evil…and many if not all are.  This book provides a stark look into the World’s enemy.  They may look different, but they share the same vision for good.

Though the author provides a synopsis at the beginning I would NEVER recommend that you read this book without first having read the first two.

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