Framing the Dialogue

The Sans Pareil Mystery

The Sans Pareil Mystery takes place in London during the Napoleonic War where any stranger or foreigner is already suspicious.  Detective Lavender and his constable, Woods, try to solve the mysterious murder of a young actress.  Her body was found in the remnants of a dilapidated old building, but many things were not what they seemed and what could have been an open and shut case was suddenly not.

“You really are the best detective we have when it comes to solving bizarre mysteries. The story will be round Covent Garden by now and won’t do your reputation – or ours.”

I would characterize this novel, the second in the series by Karen Charlton, as a sort of Holmes/Watson kind of book.  Detective Stephen Lavender is more physical than the traditional Sherlock character and has a sexy love interest.  Constable Woods is more of an old-school police officer…good in a pinch and doing the dirty, undercover work.  This was a very enjoyable read.

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