Framing the Dialogue

The Right Thing

Imagine that you have a career and it’s moving forward much to your liking and after twenty years things are going well and the future seems bright.  You have a bright future and an opportunity comes up to help your organization and you jump on it enthusiastically and your boss decides to attend your presentation.  In your desire to show off your product to potential investors/funders you act a little impetuous and make a simple yet serious mistake to the detriment of your organization and it essentially ends your career.

The Right Thing is Commander Scott Waddle’s saga where his story parallels the above scenario with the added effect that his actions as the commander of the nuclear submarine USS Greeneville caused the death of nine people, caused an international crisis (they were Japanese – some of them students), and his organization was the U.S. Navy.  Waddle’s name became known world-wide because of his submarine’s crash with and sinking of the Japanese fishing boat, Ehime Maru.  This is Waddle’s story and perhaps his way to get a final telling of his side of the story.  His story is interesting and compelling though the writing is not yet it is worth reading because of his story and as an illustration of how the U.S. Navy threw one of their own under the sub (interesting that sub is bus spelled backward).

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