Framing the Dialogue

The Rescue

The Rescue in the first in the Ryan Decker series by Steven Konkoly.  Decker, a former CIA operative, and colleagues started an organization to help recover kidnapping victims.  When a high profile case goes awry and he is convicted, he loses everything, including his family.  Just trying to survive in prison, he is suspicious when he is suddenly released.  Relying on his skills and help from an unlikely source, he survives the first hours after his release…allowing him to investigate the case where everything went wrong.  He is pitted against very powerful and wealthy people.

Pierce didn’t look convinced, and Decker started to have his own doubts. He shook his head. No. The kids were there. The guards were there. Senator Steele’s daughter was there, and if she wasn’t, the Bratva had moved her long before Decker received the information asserting her presence at the house.”

“If Decker had caught even the faintest whiff of something rotten, like the circumstances suggested, he’d keep sniffing until he found the source. The sooner they found and killed him, the better.”

This is one of those fast-paced novels with a lot of action.  Decker tries to stay one step ahead of those trying to kill him, unravel the mystery of the case that went wrong, and clear his name.  Read it.

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