Framing the Dialogue

The Rembrandt Affair

Super spy Gabriel Allon is back!  When a not so famous painting by an extremely famous artist (venture to guess who?) is stolen and a man is murdered Allon is called upon by a friend to investigate.  The Rembrandt Affair begins like a typical thriller as Allon enters the world of art theft, murder, and powerful people. 

Author Daniel Silva does not let his hero relax very long as Gabriel Allon and his wife are nearly blown up when they travel to Argentina to talk to a man who may have some information they need.  The Rembrandt Affair digs into deep dark secrets of World War II and those who survived heinous crimes and those who perpetrated them.

The novel was, as are most Silva books, a great thriller.  It is always interesting to get a glimpse into the art world mixed in with a dose of spy craft.  I have to wonder how much the technology described actually exists and I suspect/fear that it is far more capable than Silva presents.  We certainly want the “good guys” to use it against our enemies, but have to be weary of too much intrusion.

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