Framing the Dialogue

The Rainmaker

So I’m reading The Rainmaker by John Grisham and I think that I’ve read it before…maybe decades ago.  So many facts of the novel felt familiar, but I could not put it together enough to remember details for ultimately what happens in the story.  So on I read.  In this novel we meet a soon-to-be lawyer who’s life is turned upside down just before he graduates law school.  He finds himself with perhaps the case of a lifetime and must pursue justice (or at least a large settlement) while having fairly little as far as resources; both money and help.  In his suit, he is pitted against one of the best lawyers in the city and one who would never hire him.  He is forced to open his own office and go it mostly alone.

“Suddenly, I’m my own man.  A wonderful feeling of independence comes over me as the traffic inches forward.  I can survive!  I’ll put in some hard time with Bruiser, and probably learn much more about law than I would with the boys in the buildings downtown.  I’ll endure the snubs and quips and put-downs from others about working in such a seedy outfit.  I can handle it.  It’ll make me tough.”

This book is a classic John Grisham story; lots of courtroom drama, lots of intrigue, sleazy competition, and most of all, a very good book to read.


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