Framing the Dialogue

The Quest

The questNelson DeMille is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. His writing is smooth to the point where it is almost like I am not reading; as if I am almost in the story. The Quest  is a republish of a novel originally written and published nearly forty years ago. As noted in the foreword the historical events were current at the time of the original writing. Reading the adventure four decades later did not deter from the story.

Set during a brutal rebellion in Ethiopia one only has to read the news today to see pictures of eerily similar occurrences in Africa today so the setting has not lost any of the expected brutality. When I think about it, that is very sad for Africans.

The novel brings three people together in an unusual yet classical quest that sees the companions have a “chance” encounter with a priest that propels them on to their quest. Luck, not all good, strangers, also not all good, and determination push these three people to fulfill their journey. You’ll have to read the book to find out what they quest and whether they find it.

It is well worth the journey. The history lesson from that time period is also an interesting backdrop.


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