Framing the Dialogue

The Protocol

So sorry that it’s been a while since I posted.  WordPress updated their website and pushed a new post editor.  I could not get my posts to look like I wanted so I took a pause while I figured things out.  I’ve still been reading and have a lot of posts coming soon.  Thanks for reading along with me.

I’m back now.

BTW, this will be a milestone 700 post in my book reviews!  Now to the book.

“What follows is an illustration of what can happen when soldiers are given orders they believe are lawful, by a chain of command that has been opted by someone with their own agenda, turning innocent service members into unwitting pawns.”

The Protocol by J. Robert Kennedy is best described as a cross between the Indiana Jones series and perhaps the Mitch Rapp adventure/thriller series.  The main Character, James Acton, is an archaeologist who after what seems to be a very unusual find in South America is set upon by unknown forces of unlimited scope.  This scientist shows remarkable skills combatting his unknown foes as he tries to stay one step ahead and uncover who wants his discovery and him dead.  The chase leaves a trail of many dead bodies as he traverses the globe.

This was a very good read, though at times, a bit hard to believe…maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

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