Framing the Dialogue

The Program

programDistrict Attorney Kirsten Lord has lost nearly everything after convicting a man who not only vowed revenge, but followed up on his threat.  Forced into hiding with her daughter, she still doesn’t feel safe and that fear almost comes to fruition.  Lord has no option but to enter the federal witness protection program, known as The Program.  Only problem is that she had gained some national celebrity being a vocal critic of the program and she is not sure whether she can trust those who run the program to keep her safe.  Her situation become more complicated when an old case comes up for appeal and if the man loses he also loses his life.

“Almost every day while Landon was away I’d think about calling someone I knew from our past.  Sometimes I would play out conversations in my head with one of my old friends from Florida, but usually it was someone in Louisiana who knew Robert, too.  My agony over the changes in my life was somehow less when I could imagine sharing it with someone who knew him and could appreciate the depth of my loss.”

This novel is the 9th in the Dr. Alan Gregory series by author Stephen White though it is the first that I have read.  Dr. Gregory was not what I’d call the central character in this book, but I really did enjoy the book once I got into it. The final chapters were grabbing my attention and that’s always the sign of a good book for me.  I look forward to exploring some of the earlier book in this series.

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