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The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Sixties

Since I was born in the early sixties, much of my knowledge of that decade came from media sources.  Over the past few years as I have awakened to how the media/liberal complex works I have torn down the walls of deceit to gain a more complete perspective of that decade.  Even with that knowledge, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Sixties  provided many surprises and back up for what I already knew to be true.  Author Jonathan Leaf provides a detailed accounting of what really happened and that contrary to media/Hollywood myth the sixties were not all that radical;

  • The events that eclipsed with shootings at Kent State eulogized in CSNY’s song Ohio were more than commonly reported in the media.  Violent clashes with police had taken place at many college campuses and many universities were on alert.  Three days before the shootings protesters set fire to the school’s Air Force ROTC building and attacked emergency personnel who responded to the fire.  Later that night protesters and the next days (not all the protesters were students) took to the town setting more fires and creating mayhem.  Protesters also set fire to Kent State’s president’s building.  When the National Guard was finally called in the riots were way out of control and guardsmen were attacked by students/protesters one wielding a gun which witnesses testified precipitated the shootings.  That is not on the plaque or in Neil Young’s lyrics.
  • Both Republicans and Democrats were falling all over themselves to create great society programs many of which caused the downfall of many traditional American families.
  • Sixties icons like Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Castro, or Tom Hayden were not what the media/Hollywood establishment now glorifies.  Think about that when you see a poster of one of these liberal “heroes.”
  • Sixties consumer protectionists like Rachel Carson and Ralph Nader probably did more harm that good with their popular writings.
  • Except for the Beatles many sixties super groups (Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, etc.) did not have hit records.  Bobby Vinton had more number one hits (four) in the sixties than all of these groups combined. 
  • The 1960 Kennedy-Johnson win over Nixon was most certainly the result of widespread voter fraud by Democrats.  Sounding like recent elections in Colorado and Minnesota “found” boxes of Democrat votes were often found to swing elections.
  • The Kennedy administrations comparison to Camelot was probably more accurate if you consider the darker side of the famous musical (infidelity, deceit, etc.).
  • The year President Johnson created the federal Department of Education American students’ test scores peaked and have never been as high since.  Let that sink in.
  • Perhaps the most famous photograph from the Vietnam War witnessed the execution of a Viet Cong (communist) terrorist who had just murdered an entire policeman’s family.  Street justice is not condoned, but the real story behind the photograph bears telling.  Why is it that the national media never tells the full story?
  • This story has been evolving and Vietnam war veterans have slowly started to receive the positive recognition that they deserve rather than the derision and spit that they got from sixties radicals who would not fight.  Who has not been seriously touched by the stark monument to those who fought in that conflict?
  • Barry Goldwater was not a Doctor Stranglove type character as the liberal media portrayed him.  As with Ronald Reagan and most recently with Sarah Palin (incidentally I do not hold her in such regard as I do Reagan) the liberal media attacks and smears those who are conservative.  Fortunately we have a new media to bust their news.

Pick up a copy and educate yourself.  I have only touched on a small amount to whet your appetite.  This knowledge will allow you to rethink all that was your “reality.”

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  1. Ken M says:

    you, sir, are an idiot. yes, this is politically incorrect (that’s not what i care about), but it’s also *ridiculously* right-wing biased. you say “educate yourself”, but you’re the one who needs educating. extremist right-wing conspiracy nuts like you (extensive voter fraud by the democrats? really?) are the kind of people that give americans a bad name.

  2. Greg says:

    Ken Ken Ken…you may be surprised to learn that I wear your “idiot” badge with honor. You are the quintessential liberal who throws around insults rather than facts or valid arguments. One need look no further than this past election to see the evidence, or at least accusations, of voter fraud. Rest assured that the Obama Injustice Department will do very little to investigate much less prosecute anyone as they did with the new black panther party in 2009. I, being the “idiot” that I am, should look beyond the facts and look at the facts that you presented. Oh that’s right you gave none.

    By the way of respect for our country we capitalize the “A” in Americans you left-winged nut job.

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